One year of Salad Room

Happy birthday Salad Room! It’s been one year since you were “officially” launched, and a little bit longer since you were created.

You’re one of the rare darlings that I’ve released into the world. Most of them I kill, and not because of some cool profound kill your darlings reason. I'm just not very good at maturing the darlings. I should stop saying darling now.

Fun fact: Salad Room isn’t a sentient being, it’s a website on the internet! Use it to share files with your friends, family or even your colleagues!

Since the launch, it has been used daily by people all over the world. The analytics may be basic by design (see also laziness), but there's still some interesting insights.

Illustration of a graph showing monthly unique visitors over 1 year.

There are about 25-50 unique visitors per day. The last 6 months have seen traffic numbers equivalent to the original launch month. There was a lull halfway through the year with 791 pageviews in August. It's now about ~3k pageviews each month.

Windows and Android devices make up 74% of the devices. Which makes sense because there's still no built-in AirDrop alternative on those systems. On the launch day iOS and macOS where the majority, which shows how skewed the audience is on Product Hunt.

France is the biggest source of traffic. My theory is it caught traction via word of mouth, starting with a post in a newsletter called Un dernier onglet et j'arrête. Anyway, I like being reminded that the internet isn't only about the United States.

A hella-la-la a lot of messages and files were sent. I never implemented a way to keep count of messages sent or bytes transferred. It's tricky to get an exact number out of AWS with stuff expiring after 24hrs. I can say though it's roughly 100s of GBs!

Salad Room was the result of a project to finish and release something. So it's nice to be able to say that more people who are not me use it, and they use it more often than I do. That has kept me motivated to continue to work on it for the past 12 months.

Here's to the next year darling.

Illustration of a slice of cake

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